Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I call it synchronicity. My friend Clare recently rediscovered a collection of cards that she has accumulated. Almost simultaneously, while unpacking boxes and trying to settle the chaos of the guest room, I unpacked a stash of stationery and note cards. Greeting cards that had been unearthed had already been relegated to an available storage space, and fortunately, the note sheets and cards that I now encountered fit sufficiently into their appointed space in a drawer of the secretary. There seem to be mountains of them.

Fortunately I have lately rediscovered the joys of note-writing by virtue of tackling (albeit belatedly) the thank you notes that lingered from our wedding. Aha! Renewed interest in writing combined with an abundant supply of stationery can mean but one thing—using them up! I have meant to work on (as in improve) the frequency with which I correspond, so it seems that the solution has been dumped nicely into my lap, or in this case, my drawer. Perhaps if I take a couple of days a week to write just one note, I can brighten at the very least my own day, and perhaps bring a smile to someone else’s as well. I think I’m onto something here.

Keep an eye out, you never know when your mailbox may contain an unexpected piece of mail! (Maria, I know I at least owe you something!)


Ruth said...

You are so right Anne, who doesn't love to go to the mailbox and find a note rather than the usual junk and bills. You will brighten a lot of people's days with those cards.

Pam in Moncton said...

Good timing, finding the note cards just when you wanted to start writing some!


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