Friday, June 23, 2006

see ya Sunday!

We're off to Missouri this weekend, where we'll have a little time with Kathy's family in St. Louis before heading to a family reunion south of the city. Sunday we're making a stop at winery owned by some friends of mine, and then we're heading for home. With any luck, we'll get back in time for the second installment of PBS' latest run of "Mystery!"

We did lots of running around yesterday to empty the house of accumulated trash, or at least assemble in one place (that would be my office) all those remaining boxes and bags that still need sorting and stashing. At least with each successive effort to tidy up, the number of things to deal with is shrinking in size. One day there will be no more boxes, and everything will have a place, even if it’s a drawer marked “miscellaneous.”

We’re stopping for lunch today in Clarksville to see Junior, then at Ft. Campbell to get my car registered there. We won’t see Junior again before his deployment, so this will be a tough visit for me. I shed a bunch of tears while I had a long chat with the almighty last night while walking the dogs, and though pleas to keep Junior safe are worth voicing, mostly I prayed that God would keep him smart. Smart will do a better job of keeping him alive. How many prayers for safety have been for naught? I worry too much, perhaps, but I’m not ready or willing to lose the family I just gained. He’s too precious to me.

Off to finish packing and head to the pool. Miss me while I’m gone, cuz I sure will miss all of you! Ciao!


Kip said...

Have a wonderful time Anne and hope your visit with Junior goes well. xxoo


samtzmom said...

Be safe... sending hugs to Jr! :c)

Kay said...

I enjoyed cathcing up with your blog for the week. I will keep "Junior" in my prayers as well.


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