Thursday, June 22, 2006

what was I thinking?

When I wrote yesterday's post I knew that I would be visiting with my friend Debi and we would be having a girl's day. Web site? Hah! But the day with Deb was badly needed, wonderful, and we both managed some successful shopping. Not to mention that just up the street from where her beau lives are these beautiful lilies. Neither of us was sure just what they are, but they've got to be related to the cala. Aren't they stunning? Does anyone know what they are? Once I returned home I got busy getting bathrooms cabinets better organized (thanks to some help from Wal-Mart) and emptied another two boxes that had been lingering. It really does feel good to put things in order. Ken also finished closing in the garage, and he is a very happy camper! All that remains is siding for the exterior, and paneling for the interior. The house is already more comfortable.

Today I might get to the web site, but there is more tidying and cleaning to do, and a trip to the recycling center—we leave tomorrow morning for Missouri for a family reunion and a quick visit in St. Louis with Kathy’s family. Busy, busy, as usual, but such is life.

Time to walk! Ciao…


Jules said...

safe journey my friend and those lillies are to die for...will be watching your blog for a name of them from someone! Love you!

Pam in Moncton said...

Have a good trip Anne. I have no idea what those flowers are but they are gorgeous!

karen said...

Yes indeed they are calla lilies!!!! Yhe have been bred in a varity of colors. Those are beautiful!!!!
Happy Trails, my friend!!!!

samtzmom said...

Well, who knew??? I always thought they were just white, but I found this web site which shows what lovely colors they've been bred. Glad you and Deb had such a nice time and that Ken is making so much progress on the garage area. Have a fun and safe trip to Missouri! Hugs!

Kip said...

boy, those lillies are beautiful!!!


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