Friday, June 09, 2006

playing with hair

It was time for a haircut, so I scheduled an appointment with someone new for two things: cut said hair, and start playing with ideas for how to wear my hair for the wedding in November. Yes, it's a ways off, and perhaps this task could have waited, but there was a strategy in starting early. What if I need to grow my hair longer for a suitable style?

So, yesterday was "play with hair" day. Sad to say, I forgot to take the camera, but the woman I went to happened to have a disposable, and she said, "we'll just make this yours, and whenever you come, we'll take pictures." Her name is Sloan, and she's wonderful. She coiffed a "do" that I'm not sure I'll use (lots of curls piled onto my head--does that sound like me?), but we have time to try different things, and she has advised me NOT to cut my hair, but to let it grow. She spent time with me, we talked, it was easy to be honest, and she gave me some ideas for things to think about for "on the day." When it came time to pay up I realized I had left my checkbook sitting on the dining table. "No problem," she says, "just mail me a check." I already had her business card with the address.

The check is already written. She'll be getting one of those notes I referred to earlier. Thank you, Sloan! In the meantime, what should I do with my hair?


Pam in Moncton said...

Hi Anne. Sloan sounds lovely and it must have been nice to have someone that likes to take the time with you like that and try things out. Sounds like a keeper. I'm no use advising you about hair however as I'm no good at all with hairstyling!

Gail said...

Good morning Anne! I think your regular hairstyle suits you perfectly! Like Pam I keep things simple so am useless with hair advice. Go with whatever works! LOL.

samtzmom said...

Well now! Lookie what I found about ideas for wedding hair styles. I saw several that were really pretty and sophisticated, so have fun browsing! Hugs ya!

Ruth said...

Keep playing hair with Sloan, it sounds like a fun way to spend some time. The right 'do' will come. You are such a beautiful woman you could probably pull anything off successfully.


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