Saturday, July 24, 2010

big biscuit day here!

I just love this biscuit picture

I was in my (home) office yesterday when Ken calls from the other room, "there's a package here for you!" "Thanks," I called back, and continued on with what I was doing. A few minutes later he came into the room and put two packages on my desk. I recognized one of them as the mail-ordered prescription refills that I was expecting. The other? I saw the name of my friend Kim on the return address and immediately stopped what I was doing, grabbing for the package.

I knew what was inside the large envelope, but I had no idea what was really inside, if you know what I mean. And then I pulled this out.

My eyes could hardly behold what I was seeing. You see, I sent Kim the icon I wrote. She had written me about how it affected her and Jesus and I both concurred that she should have it. How she transferred the image of the icon to fabric so effectively I don't know. But there he is, adorning an outside pocket on this exquisite tote. But wait, there's more. Inside the tote are two pockets, one of them the full length image of the icon. She has taken my breath away (click on the image to see a larger view an ooh and aah over the details!).

The next thing I know Ken is back in my office placing a small box in front of me. I recognize it immediately as the new Pampered Chef trivet that I earned for free. And he's muttering something about how heavy the box is. He's clearly not talking about the trivet. What box? I'm thinking. He's back in the other room and still carrying on about the heavy box, finally imploring me to come open it.

It turns out to be the box of catalogs for the new PC season that starts in September. Since I wasn't able to attend the national conference a few weeks ago I am eager to look through it. Some great new stuff coming out! I'm excited. 
Here is my bounty for the day. And I'm a happy camper. 
Thanks, Kim!
Thanks, Pampered Chef!


The Bug said...

I'm so excited for you! I saw the picture of your bag on Kim's post & I thought it was beautiful.

Jules said...

That turned out beautifully! The combined work of two artists...inspiring!

Jayne said...

How special to receive something like that made with love. :c)

Mompriest said...

that is awesome!


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