Thursday, July 22, 2010

thursday this and that

I keep forgetting to tell you about some of the other stuff going on around here. You know, besides food.

Sunday was full of activity. One of our young couples at church (we do actually have a few) are expecting their second child next month, and we had a baby shower for them after church Sunday. I put together one of the food items (I know, here I go again, but hey--we all eat multiple times a day!) and the floral arrangements for the tables (above). They're having a girl, can you tell?

Later that afternoon we went to the grand opening of a massage/spa place that was hosting a fund-raising event for a local shelter for homeless women and their children. We didn't know a soul there, and in spite of being outside in 90-degree temps we enjoyed ourselves. Kimber Cleveland, a singer-songwriter was providing entertainment, and she was very good. We had a chance to talk to her for a bit, and learned that she grew up Episcopalian, and is an animal-lover. Although the invitation to the event listed it as a fund-raiser that portion of it didn't really sink into my brain. One of the owners of the massage/spa place is a facebook friend, and I just hadn't migrated my thinking toward the shelter.

Anyway, there was a silent auction, and after we left they had a live-auction; we were fed, got to meet some people (including the aunt of our next-door neighbor, who is on the board for the shelter), and feel inspired by the work being done at this shelter.

The other picture here is just for fun. I wanted to take it of "my girls in purple and white" at the baby shower. To prompt a smile I said, "say sex!" and Shannon, on the right, turned to Yolande just as I took the picture to ask, "did she really just say that?" Perhaps you had to be there for this picture to have any meaning, but it was amusing to all of us.

Right then. I've got a bucket of work to do today, so off I go to begin my tasks. Blessings to you all! Hope it's a great almost-end-of-the-week day!


The Bug said...

That's a great picture of the ladies in purple & white - and a great story. Episcopal priests are the best :)

Jayne said...

I just attended a baby shower Sunday too, and it was the first one in... I can't remember when! They are always fun! Love Yolande's!

Jan said...

Sounds like fun. I haven't gone to a baby shower for ages, but guess I will when it's closer to the time for my first grandbaby to be born.


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