Friday, July 16, 2010

friday five: pets

Juliet and Dooley on my 50th birthday

At RevGals Jan ruminates about pets. She invites us to "Tell us about the animals in your lives. If you have no pets, give examples of friends' pets or imaginary ones!"

1. Did you grow up with pets?
You betcha! A cocker spaniel when I was a wee thing, and then a cat. When I was eleven my parents gave me a dog for Christmas, and the rest, as they say, is history.

2. Do you have any pets now?
Three dogs (see picture below): Rigel (German Shorthaired Pointer), Juliet (AkitaGgreyhound mix), and McKinlee (Yellow Lab/Jack Russell mix)

3. What is the funniest or worst thing any of your pets have ever done?
I have a terrible memory for antics or stories unless evoked by something, but there is one thing that comes to mind. When my husband and I were dating we were watching TV one evening. My dog, Dooley (seen above on the right) was lying next to Ken and was fussing about something. "GRRRRRRR," he kept going. I finally looked at him and said with conviction, "Dooley, use your indoor voice." He turned his head away and went, "grrrrrr."

4. Who is/was your favorite pet?
I have loved all my dogs equally, but I will say that when Dooley died a couple of years ago from congestive heart failure, the grief was the worst I ever experienced with a pet. I continue to miss him dreadully.

5. How did you train your different pets?
What makes you think I train my pets? Seriously, we don't want to have this conversation.

BONUS: Pictures of a pet or one you wish you could have.


angela said...

When we let them in, dogs are such a wonderful part of life...and teach us so much. I feel like you about my closest dog friend--can't imagine the grief that will be when he's gone. There is just so much history there and unconditional love.

Janet M said...

That's a great picture of you Anne! I can see why you miss Dooley that dog had a personality plus who else would let me stlye thier "hair" the way he did.

The Bug said...

This was fun - I love the Dooley story. Wish that worked as well on kids!

Jan said...

What a wonderful picture of you with the dogs, who are amazingly calm. Dooley had quite a personality; I know he is missed. I'd want to be one of your pets! (I am taking a new book on my vacation: "A Dog's Purpose" by Cameron, which is about the various reincarnations this dog has.)

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

what beautiful doggies to love and to be loved by! training... yikes... we're taking classes but i'm not sure i'm as "hard core" as they (the trainers) would like me to be... i mean what fun is a dog without their personality?

Jennifer said...

What dear hearts! And what a beautiful picture.
We love our dogs...

Purple said...

"inner voice"...priceless

Our pets teach us much about life and love.

Amy said...

I agree with Purple - our house is not a home without a dog (and cat!). And Jack is the best dog we've had (in his time!)as was Ralph and then Lucy.

Great photo of you with your doggies!

Jayne said...

I miss having a pet. We've tried, but with Sam's allergies, even the "non allergenic" dogs have been an issue. I feel the love you have for yours and it makes me smile in memory of the pets I've had in my life.


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