Saturday, July 10, 2010

if I had a hammer

and a few extra bucks and some land, I'd build a foster kennel. Our local rescue has 14 new resident puppies, seven of them seen here after they'd been retrieved from a drain pipe and dry creek bed out in the country. The rescue director posted a note on facebook about the adventure and suggested that if we had any time, the pups could use some loving. I left five minutes later to go pay a visit.

These sweet babies range in present disposition from "let me play with you!" to "please go away and leave me alone." Two are especially timid and fearful. I spent about half an hour sitting with them in their digs, where they have shade, water, food, and a fan blowing a constant breeze so that they don't succumb to the heat. A few of them were interested in company and play, though most slept. My goal was to offer non-threatening human presence and love.

The rescue effort, with resulting medical treatment for all of them, ran about $2000. I've already emailed the director to offer to do a PC fund-raiser. Wish I had the money to write them a check. In the meantime if you're in the market for a rescue pup, these will be ready for homes in a few weeks. Mostly boys.

I can think of something else I'd like to do with a hammer, but instead I'll pray for the likes of people who mistreat and abandon dogs (and animals).
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Jayne said...

You have to wonder about the soul of someone who would abandon helpless animals. Thank goodness for souls like you who will spend the time and effort to try and right a horrible wrong by showing them love and affection. Wish I could take them all.

KimQuiltz said...

It took a while for the photo to load (I have dial-up internet), so I was able to read the post before I saw the pictures.

"Yeah, yeah," I thought, "Puppies. Abandoned, that's sad but...."

And then the picture popped up. OMGoodness, I don't know if in the back of my mind I was expecting ugly, unlovable puppies (I know there's no such thing!) or what I was expecting. But I sure wasn't expecting to see such heartbreakingly beautiful soft cuddly puppy-breath holding gooshy ooey sweetness!

I mean, Awwwwwww!

The Bug said...

Oh they are adorable! Sometimes I wish I were a dog person - I would totally get a rescue dog. But Dr. M had dogs growing up & he just doesn't think he could stand to get attached to another one & then let it go...

Janet M said...

They are really cute and I hope they all find wonderful loving homes, I'm sure that the pups all gained a little bit more trust having you there. How wonderful for you to do that.


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