Friday, July 30, 2010

friday five: place matters

The field at the end of our block.

At RevGals Katherine invites us to consider five things that we like/love about where we live. Oddly enough I've thought about writing this very post on several occasions!

1) I love the rolling hills and pastures of middle Tennessee. There's a sensuousness about the curves and crags of the landscape that appeal to me. It's a gut thing, as my Mom would say.
this is a very typical scene in the area where I live

2) I love living close to Nashville. It's a city of peculiar and wonderful blends of down-home country, uptown education and culture, professionals and hillbillies (I use that word affectionately).

3) I love the friendliness of the people and the courtesy most of them show to strangers.

4) I love our neighborhood. There are lots of routes for walking the dogs, the architecture is varied, and the traffic is minimal.
5) I love the degree of selflessness among the people. In greater Nashville the volunteer response to the flooding we experienced in May has been phenomenal. In our own neighborhood after a bad windstorm that tore trees apart, neighbors were out helping neighbors cut down twisted limbs and hauling debris to the curb within moments of the cessation of the storm.

6) What I don't love is that this isn't New England. I may have confederate bloodlines, but I'm a die-hard Yankee and I miss the snow, among so much else.


Beth said...

Funny that you miss the snow. Or maybe it's just funny to me because I hate it. Sigh. I guess my Florida youth spoiled me.

DogBlogger said...

Our vacation in May took us through middle Tennessee. It is indeed a lovely place. Thanks for posting photos as part of your play.

Martha Williams Jordan said...

looking at the photos, it is a beautiful area

Mompriest said...

I've only been to Nashville once, and then only at the airport when I flew in for EFM training at Sewanee. But the drive from Nashville to Sewanee was breathtakingly beautiful. I totally understand why you love living there. And, why you don't. I too missed snow...

The Bug said...

Tennessee is a beautiful place. When we lived in Waynesville NC we went to Pigeon Forge a lot - & when we lived closer to Cincinnati we took I-75 south through Tennessee to NC. Sometimes I miss seeing it, but now we go through WVA so that makes up for it a bit.

I was born in the south - but I always had Yankee tendencies. Well, except that I like snow better when it's a possibility than the actuality of driving through it LOL.

Wendy said...

I just visited my friend in Hendersonville. It is beautiful country in your Nashville area. My friend also kept talking about the way everyone pitched in to help after the flooding. Since their move from California, she and her husband have just been so impressed by how helpful everyone is pretty much all the time.

angela said...

I hadn't gotten a clear picture of exactly where you were in the South until this post. I do find the hills comforting, feminine, sensuous.

And I wish too that there was more snow. I liked the last winter when it was snowy for days at a time. Ready for more.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Oh, it's GORGEOUS!
It reminds me of a less hilly eastern Kentucky- where most of my relatives live. I think I could look at that scenery all day long.

Jayne said...

Anytime we visit someplace very different in terrain and landscape, I find I am always glad to get home and see the rolling green hills. :c)


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