Sunday, July 25, 2010

shining brightly as squashed blueberries!

I'm not trying to look serious here, but I was taking my own picture in the mirror. I don't pose well, and this was the best shot.

This is my new, temporary look, thanks to McKinlee. Friday night I was bending over to help her do something just as she decided to throw her head back to look at me. The top of her head made contact with my cheekbone. Ouch. The pain was excruciating then, but it is fine now. Unless I touch the bruised area. I piled makeup over it this morning before church, not for reasons of vanity, but because I didn't want everyone distracted by it and not pay attention to the sermon. I was told later that it didn't matter: even from the back of the church the discoloration was apparent!

Oh well. Just another day in the adventurous life of McKinlee's family. Carry on!


Anonymous said...

Oh Anne! What a colorful boo boo...glad it doesn't hurt too much. I've had plenty of dog injuries - more like freak accidents, really! Hope it heals soon:-)

The Bug said...

Oh my - that does look painful! I'm so sorry. But it does make good blog fodder :)

Janet M said...

Ouch Anne that looks really sore! I hope it starts to feel better soon.

Jayne said...

I remember vividly when Sam was around 2 or so and was on my lap, he came down with his chin and hit the same place. Oh. My. I can still remember how much that hurt, and my eye looked just like that. Ouch. I feel for you.


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