Friday, July 02, 2010

testing the waters of discipline

We feasted last night. Ribs with homemade barbecue sauce. Yummmmmm..... And grilled corn on the cob. Homemade slaw. Delish.

With a number of errands to take care of yesterday I took my camera and got some pictures for Charley's album: the church, town hall, baby food shelves at Publix, their house in the afternoon sun.

We've been having some interesting conversations about discipline. Ken has been really helpful asking questions about habits (or lack thereof) related to the matter. I'm trying to work on domestic discipline with the help of FlyLady. Doable, and fun. I had already spent a good chunk of a day earlier in the week decluttering the top of my desk. Rearranged a few things, and for the most part am keeping it clutter-free!

Related to PC discipline we came up with some goals and rewards. I'm rebuilding my business, so it is a success that I have one show on board this month. The general goal is two shows a week, with a couple of extra booked to compensate for cancellations that occur inevitably. I'm not going to go from one to ten in a heartbeat, so we identified rewards for when I reach four, then six, then eight, and then several choices of reward when hit ten. I included a fabric shopping spree as a choice at ten. He said, "why a fabric shopping spree?" and I just stared at him.

I've done lots of FlyLady cleaning this morning as I procrastinate making PC calls. I MUST get over that. MUST! The business won't happen without them, so...

Let me get this posted and make some phone calls. I'll post an update toward the end of the day as a way to be accountable.

May your Friday include a feast of whatever kind!
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Mary Beth said...

yay for you! I, too, am babystepping again with FlyLady.

Jan said...

FlyLady can be helpful but I hated all those emails! Does she still send out so many??

Mompriest said...

IF I had any money I'd order those food trays that can be put in the freezer and chilled before putting your veggies and cheese, etc on them. I think those are the coolest thing ever - and I love PC's wisks.

The Bug said...

I used to try to Fly, but the only thing that remains are the dusters & the water bottle LOL. I really HATE to clean. Sigh.


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