Sunday, July 04, 2010


When I was planning the rehearsal dinner some months back I went on a quest to find prizes for the winners of our evening's games: newlywed bingo and the almost newlywed game. One prize was kinda hokey: a stuffed animal lobster (which was actually adored by the person who won it). One prize was this mug. I liked it so much that I bought one for myself, and it has become a favorite (LifeWay Christian Bookstore, for anyone interested).

There are so many challenges in my days that it can be easy for joy to become lost in the proverbial shuffle. This mug reminds me that even when I'm not mindful of it, there is joy to be found in all sorts of places.
  • Like in the wagging tails of my dogs and the kisses they love to give. 
  • The cooling breezes in the shade of the trees in the front yard, even on a hot day. 
  • The fun of facebook. 
  • The unexpected comment of a visitor to this blog. 
  • An encouraging word from a friend. 
  • The sanctuary of my office at home
  • Success in an area of difficulty
  • Hope for healing relationships
  • Laughter 
  • Inspiration found on the blogs of friends (whether we've met or not)
  • Realizing that even though I don't have children that will inherit a lineage, genealogy is still a blast and worth my time.
  • Enjoying a meal with friends in our home
  • The growing and deepening camaraderie among the women in my church
  • Learning something new
  • Experiencing the enormity of the gift that is our country's independence, and feeling a touch of pride that my gene pool was part of securing our freedom and birthing this heritage.
  • The daily ritual that is time spent writing here, and expanding my world through the world of others.
May your joy be full today.


Jayne said...

What a lovely joy list!

Mompriest said...

some much to be thankful for, even with all the challenges!

Jan said...

Good list; I like the part about learning. I love to learn; I just finished reading "Guns, Germs, and Steel."


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