Monday, July 05, 2010

I went into the kitchen earlier to top off my coffee and found this preparation on the butcher block. Ken was fixing his breakfast, and the colors were too lively to pass up for a photo. He loves omelets, and this one, underway, will make enough to have some for breakfast tomorrow!

As for me, I'm assembling things to do a little scrapping this morning. My friend Janet is a newly appointed member of the design team on a scrapbook site. The objective of that site is to offer challenges to help us focus our creative efforts so that we can actually come up with a design for a layout and get something done. On reflection I think it's been five years since I did a layout. Time for that to change!

This afternoon I will shift my attention to Pampered Chef. I've been giving a lot of thought to why it is that I don't make calls to book shows and build my business. Fear has taken charge, and the reality is that the need for me to have a functioning business is greater than any fear has a right to be. There is too much to do here that needs to be funded, and at present the only way to add to the income we have is through this business. No excuses. Just do it.

I've actually made some progress in the discipline department with FlyLady. I've had a clean sink every night before going to bed--have made the bed every morning, and done some decluttering along the way to keep me hyped. It's amazing what a little sense of accomplishment can do to boost the attitude.

So, off to choose pictures for my layout, and get to it. I'll post the results on my layout blog later. See that assuming language? It WILL get done!


Mary Beth said...

Yay for you! I'm keeping up with, and sometimes ahead of, the laundry, and that's a big boost for us. :)

The Bug said...

I want some of that omelet - he can come to my house any time to cook!

I have a friend (in real life & in blogland) who scraps - she's on a new design team now too. She's Bekah at Reflections...of a Life Well Lived - on my sidebar). She posts pictures of layouts she's done too.

I'm glad to be home - although we had a really nice time.

Janet M said...

I'll be checking in on you and the layout - I'm looking forward to it. You have some beautiful photos and do wonderful work!

Jan said...

Yay! I like seeing the name "Janet" as that is my REAL name. My daughter told me that it is "old fashioned" though.

Jayne said...

Bet that omelet was delicious!


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