Friday, July 09, 2010


The RevGals Friday post isn't up yet and I need to get on with my day! I'm amazed Ken hasn't appeared at my office door ten times already wondering what has become of me.

So I'm borrowing today from Ordinary Courage's Friday routine (although as of this moment she's still on yesterday's post about a yodeling pickle. Go there for a good chuckle): Today I am Trusting, Grateful and Inspired...

Trusting that by grace, inner strength, prayer, and the encouragement and support of friends I will break through the bonds of what is presently afflicting me. I can't change someone else. I can change how I respond to the situation at my door.

Grateful for a week of applying some much needed discipline to my life. I have FlyLady and my PC director, Stephanie, to thank for ideas, recommendations, affirmation and support. Life is better in those departments already, and sunshine has a way of spilling into other areas in need of light.

Inspired by the fresh start that each day brings. Yesterday's tears and sighs can give way to laughing at Wipeout contestants jumping over hurdles with stuffed sheep attached to them. I don't think I've laughed so hard, and for so long, for awhile (it was the sheep that did it--the contestants hadn't event started). The humidity that saps the juice from my hydrangea can be ignored once McKinlee starts chasing herself around the yard (you think I'm kidding). The clutter that closed down my desk the night before disappears while a 15-minute timer puts me through my tidying paces. There's inspiration everywhere. Everywhere!

How about you? In what are you trusting, for what are you grateful, and where are you finding inspiration today?

Now I'm off to water the hydrangea and clean off the top of my refrigerator.


The Bug said...

Oh lord you're going to make me sign up for Flylady emails again aren't you. Sigh. Dr. M would thank you that's for sure. I need something to get me off my rear end in the evenings!

It sounds like you're pushing through to a better place. But I'll keep praying anyway just in case.

Have a great day!

Amy said...

You have a great attitude - I like your 3 prong approach. The attitude of gratitude is what I try to live, one day at a time. One habit that I haven't really shared with anyone else is after arriving home after a trip whether it be to the store or another state, I verbally thank God. I do it for my husband, my children - it sounds trite, but it's the expression, the stating of it that never loses its power.

Happy to hear things are better for you - have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Loving you. Just now catching up with all the blog posts. I'm so behind! I'm getting better at meeting my newspaper deadlines so I'm hoping I'll get to keep up better with my more 'important' bloggers (you, Diane, Dana, Jayne, Nancy and Pat)

Anonymous said...

Dang it! I meant for the "loving you" to sound more like I'm praying for you and sending love and worrying over you and carrying you in my heart through your time of difficulty...instead I came off as flippant and self-centered.

So, just so you know, I'm sending you my love, prayers and keeping you close to my heart.

With Love, Kim.

Jayne said...

I suppose it has become my life's mantra... we really do get to chose how we respond and how we let life's "stuff" affect us. Sending warm hugs and love to you today. XOXO


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