Friday, July 23, 2010

friday five: decisions, decisions

chocolate and peanut butter. The best combo. ever.
At RevGals Songbird writes: Since I've been in the midst of a discernment process, I've done a lot of reflecting on how we make decisions. But don't worry, I'm not going to ask you to reveal a dark story about a poor decision, or a self-flagellating story about an embarrassing one. Let's keep it simple and go with five word pairs. Tell us which word in the pair appeals to you most, and after you've done all five, give us the reason why for one of them. 

Here they are:

1) Cake or Pie
2) Train or Airplane: yes
3) Mac or PC: this deserves invites a lengthy explanation, from which I'll refrain
4) Univocal or Equivocal: given my other answers
5) Peter or Paul: Mary

I'll go with number 2. I really like trains. When I was growing up I took the train to NY to visit my grandparents. I took it on a further trip as a teen to visit my great-aunt in Philly. In college I visited a classmate in Pittsburgh after Christmas one year, and we took the train overnight from there to Indiana to return to school for the new semester. I've traveled by train in Britain, and here on the lone commuter line that runs to Nashville. I love the rhythm of the train's sway as it hunkers down the track. I love seeing the world's back yards and back doors. 

I am in awe of planes. The sheer marvel of getting those babies into the air never fails to inspire me. In an earlier phase of life I used to go to the airport just to watch plans take off and land. When I fly I love to look out the window and see the world from an entirely different perspective than I can ever appreciate on the ground. On one trip from CT to DC the night was so clear that I could make out the map unfolding below me by the brightness of city light-clusters and string-of-light highways. I can still see it in my mind.
Both modes of transportation offer an opportunity to read without much interruption, something I savor.


Songbird said...

Overnight on a train is fun, especially if you have a berth or compartment, as we did when my family took the autotrain to Florida when I was a little girl. That was fun!

RevSharon said...

Fun post to read! Thanks!

angela said...

The first thing I learned after reading your post is that I didn't follow directions. :-)

I love those airport/train station experiences too--b/c they are the most comfortable city feeling I've ever had.

Mary Beth said...

Ooooh! I love this post.

1) for the picture...MUST HAVE THAT CAKE, NOW.

2) for your train and plane stories.

I took a sleeper train from Edinburgh to London once. A magical experience for this Texas girl.

Teri said...

I WANT THAT CAKE. In spite of all the things I said about pie in my own post.


The Bug said...

I almost had to post a comment before reading your post after seeing that cake - oh sweet heaven I NEED some of that LOL! It just looks fabulous...

I've never been on a REAL train (unless the Metro in DC counts - & I think it doesn't). That should be on my bucket list - maybe the train journey Jan is taking on her trip!

Deb said...

Ditto everybody else on the cake.!

SingingOwl said...

OH! LOOK AT THAT CAKE! Whew! BTW, loving the look of your blog. :)

Mompriest said...

I'd love trains a lot more, for all the reasons you offer, IF the people around me were not so loud on their cell phones and conversations...I also completely concur with airplanes...close to a miracle I think...

and yeah, that cake is awesome.


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