Monday, July 05, 2010


This is one of my favorite pictures of Kenneth and Emma when she was about two months old. (Click to enlarge for a better view)

My first layout in four years! And oddly enough, I used the same set of papers for that one, too. Hmm. And it was of a dog. Hmm.. See my "scrappin' chaplain" link (waaaay down at the bottom of the sidebar!) on this blog, LOL!

My friend Janet was named recently to the design team at How Much is Too Much? a blog that posts challenges for scrappers to help use up our stash of stuff. I get much more done with challenges that help me focus on a specific aspect of design. Usually it takes me an entire day, if not longer, to get a layout finished. This one was between three and four hours! Not bad for a rusty scrapper. The challenge is titled "Party like it's 1999." Use one word for the title, nine squares, nine pieces of patterned paper, and nine brads. Phew!

Next time I'll probably just post it on the other blog and let you know it's there. But today's accomplishment is BIG NEWS!

Here's another favorite picture from that era


Jan said...

Sweet, sweet pictures. What's oddly synchronistic is that I found pictures today of my son's 8th birthday and his birthday present of a little black Lab.

Jayne said...

SWEET indeed!

Janet M said...

Very nice and good job Anne on the challenge - I'm glad to see you back scrapping again. Hope to keep you going on it.

There's a new challenge this week - check ut the blog!


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