Saturday, July 03, 2010

in honor of the fourth

Ten things I love about the United States (in no particular order)

1) The Constitution and The Bill of Rights
2) The Wave at sporting events
3) Root beer floats
4) All things country: cowboys and rodeos, music...
5) Southern accents
6) The food. All of it. Except maybe pigs feet. And anything greasy.
7) License plates
8) Y'all
9) Maine

Care to play? Have a great 4th Weekend.


Mrs. M said...

This is a really great idea. I AM going to play. Thanks!

Jayne said...

Happy, happy 4th! :c)

Mompriest said...

I love the fourth too. Except for neighbors who blow off illegal fireworks long into the night, scaring my dogs and keeping me awake. A perfect fourth for me is when it rains at about 10:30pm.....LOL....enjoy the weekend!

Amy said...

Okay, I'll play - 10 things I love about the United States:

1. Freedom - all kinds!

Amy said...

Whoops, I clicked enter and my message appeared - so to continue:

2. Its diversity - all kinds!

3. Its beauty - all kinds, especially the National Parks.

4. Its music - all kinds!

5. Fourth of July - diving competition in our pool, barbecue, fireworks (organized of course!).

6. Southern hospitality.

7. Portland's eco friendly edge and specifically 4 people I love dearly who live there.

8. New York

9. Baseball and the Star Spangled Banner.

10. It's home!

Have a happy 4th!!!


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