Thursday, March 12, 2009

another world

It's a messy day here--a gray, sleeting and rainy day. A day to think about sunnier skies and beautiful surroundings. Like this place in Argentina, courtesy of my friend Pam who traveled there recently with her husband. This is Iguazu Falls. I don't know about you but I could sit at this vantage point and stare at and listen to those magnificent falls for hours on end. Watch the light and shadows change. Hear the birds in the trees around me. Close my eyes and be lulled to a peaceful rest by the lullaby of creation that surrounds me. Natural beauty like this is like a balm to my soul. Stress subsides, anxiety is quelled, and the rhythm of this world retunes what has become a discordant jumble in my own.

This is bliss.


Jayne said...

From 82 to 40 here too... pffft. I am so ready for a true spring to begin. :c) Have a beautiful day. XOXO

Pam in Moncton said...

Oh what a lovely way to describe the falls and their effect on you! I agree - this is a magnificent place. Unfortunately when we were there it was very crowded with people as it is a national park and summer, so many families come to spend the day as well as the tourists of course. Hard to sit and contemplate as much as I would have liked to. Still, it is absolutely stunning and also very accessible to all as they have installed walkways right along the falls and across the river. I saw many families, babies in strollers, elderly people and people in wheelchairs all enjoying this amazing natural treasure. That impressed me a great deal.


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