Thursday, March 26, 2009

getaway report

From top left... our room at the Buckhorn, which included a private balcony; the view from said balcony; the happy couple outside one of the historic homes of Cades Cove; a tolerant deer in CC (his proximity to the road and photo opps caused a serious traffic jam); the Methodist church and graveyard at CC; gingerbread pancakes for breakfast (delish!); blooms; a stop along the Little River.

We're back in the real world after our anniversary getaway, which was lovely. Once again the Buckhorn delighted us with fabulous food, excellent service, stellar accommodations and its beautiful grounds and stunning view. The swans were nesting, so we didn't get to visit them, and we didn't manage to get to any of the artisan shops. But that's one of the great things about a place to which you return--there's always the next time!

We had fabulous weather on Tuesday, our only full day, and spent most of it at Cades Cove, part of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It is an amazing piece of land nestled in a flat, broad, high-elevation valley in the Smokies, settled in the 1820's and bought by the Park system in the 1930's. The park includes historic buildings, an old mill that still functions, churches and lots of wildlife (the biggest wild turkeys I have ever seen!). It's not a place upon which you just happen, situated 25 miles from Gatlinburg via a two-lane road that winds through the crevices of the mountains along clear mountain streams. I had no idea when I mentioned to Ken that I would like to go that it would involve the better part of a day, but it was a wonderful discovery of a peaceful and plentiful habitat. I will gladly return in greener (or autumnal) times with camera and tripod in hand!

We returned through rain yesterday in time for our Lenten program at church. We had a disappointing turnout, three women who I dubbed the "faithful few," but our program time was blessed with some wonderful sharing that probably would not have taken place with a much larger group. I would even venture to say that our sharing included the seeds of transformation, and this morning I am thanking God for the fullness and grace of our time together. It was rich.

Today the rain continues, but the blooms of spring seem to glow through the gray, and the grass and trees are greening. I love this time of year! There are mundane details on today's "to do," like renewing my car registration, and picking up some paint for the church. Tonight I have GOT to make PC calls--I have no shows booked for April, and that is unacceptable. Anyone want to do a catalog party? Let me know and I'll pop some into the mail along with info about how to maximize your sales! The host special is bamboo!!

Enjoy your day!
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Jayne said...

Ahhh... it looks just beautiful. So glad you all had some good time away.


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