Sunday, March 08, 2009

now what?

I have to admit that it was great last week to have something to say everyday! Now life is returning to the familiar pattern of the daily grind, and as they say, that's really nothing to write home about.

Today, the Sunday routine: church, preaching, monthly potluck, home and eventually succumbing to fatigue and a nap. Unless Tiger is playing golf.

I will try to take advantage of the post-church energy to get some tidying done around the house. Let's just say that last week evaporated into the ether but the clutter didn't do likewise. I have a pile of fabric loaded in the back of my car that has been there, unbelievably, for about a month. It literally fills the back of my car. I've been waiting for good weather to tackle sorting it and dealing with, and perhaps today is that day.

I am energized by yesterday's PC show and a new recruit! She is a delightful woman from Columbia, and attended yestesrday's party with her husband and daughter. She will host a party next weekend and use some of her host credit toward the purchase of her starter kit. This month consultants who sign get a rebate of half of the cost when they submit their first $1250 in sales, which can typically happen in two to three shows. A nice incentive! If I can stay awake this afternoon, maybe after sorting fabric I can do some organizing of PC info to help me identify and contact other potential recruits to take advantage of this special. I will happily receive any leads from others out there in my reading audience!

In honor of springing forward I am posting the picture of daffodils from a fellow iconographer's garden. Happy day, and happy light!

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Jayne said...

It's always a bit of a let down after you've had such a wonderful experience the week before. I know how you must feel. Back to the routine when last week was anything but. :c) Hang in there my friend.


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