Saturday, March 07, 2009

here she is!

Mary is my new best friend. Through this past week I have become very attached to her as she emerged from my board and yes, as she guided my hand with the brush. I swear to you about that last part. As I was outlining portions of the icon I knew I could be in trouble easily. Imagine tracing the lines of her eyes, her chin, around her face... oh, the prospect for error! But the words came to me without looking for them: Holy Mother, guide my hand. And she did. As soon as I am able I plan to make a space for the icon somewhere near, or on, my desk, she will have a place of honor. I have always held Mary in high regard (who wouldn't, look what she went through?), but my relationship with her has been transformed through this week of immersion in prayerful community and creation. I also know that before I write another icon I need to learn how to paint.

fellow journeyers at the chapel of the cathedral following our closing eucharist

We did learn why an icon is referred to as written rather than painted. In Russian and Greek the word for both is the same; the Word of God is written in line and color; and the strokes of the iconographer are much like those of the caligrapher. Whatever it is called, the experience is mystical and transforming, and it is hard to find words adequate enough to describe it.


Maria said...

Wow Anne! What a beautiful piece of art. You did an amazing job and it sounds like the whole week was almost life changing as well.

Jayne said...

Seriously? I thought she was the "model" you used. WOW! You did a knock out job dearie. She's absolutely stunning... really. What a keepsake. XOXO

Pam in Moncton said...

That is beautiful! You (and Mary) did wonderful work. Here's a book you might like: "Our Lady of the Lost and Found" which is about a woman who has Mary come to visit her for a while. It's funny and thoughtful and I really like it. I have to look up the author.

Pam in Moncton said...

Diane Schoemperlen is the author. She is Canadian.


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