Friday, March 06, 2009

day last

The gold leaf is on, and the wee angels carrying cross, vinegar and hysop (I think) are close to being complete. Final touches remain today, and I still have several of those to do. I think I will finish my Icon just under the wire. I have discovered through the week that my eyes are getting worse. I have taken every pair of glasses from home to aid me in seeing the fine detail, but they aren't quite good enough. Time to go to the next grade of magnification (she says with a sigh). The picture above is of Susan, who sits on the arts and culture committee of the cathedral and who coordinated and took care of the logistics of this week. Can you see her brush? No? I rest my case!

Though I am eager to finish my Icon and bring it home, I do not want this day to come to its inevitable conclusion when we all bid farewell and head our separate ways. I have so enjoyed this company of journeyers and have been reminded, yet again, of the pleasures and gifts that come in community.

More tomorrow. Right now I'm in a mad dash to get ready to head out the door. Blessings on your day...
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Jayne said...

Participating in times like these where the journey is so profound leaves lasting memories on our hearts. I am so happy to hear it's been all you hoped it would be, and more.


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