Wednesday, March 18, 2009

celebrating the saint

And a fine celebration it was!

Thirteen of us gathered at O'Charley's to drink things green and make merry. We began with a non-redemptive appetizer of loaded curly chips (that globby looking mess in the picture) and a round of green drinks. We also berated the staff for not taking shameless advantage of the holiday. There were no decorations (even in the bar), no green adornments on the uniforms with the exception of a few beads leftover from Mardi Gras, and no Irish specials on the menu. The only tip of the hat was the green drinks. We were appalled. Each member of our party, upon arrival and the discovery of this crime, said to the waitress, "What do you mean there aren't any specials for St. Patrick's Day? This is O'Charley's! You know--'O' Charley's!" And the poor woman would shrug and make a "don't shoot me!" expression.

In the end the evening was saved by having a good time in spite of the poor promotional lack-of-thinking on the part of the restaurant, and the very good care of us provided by the waitress. We also enjoyed the novelty of the beer tube, holding 100 ounces of said beverage, and Ken managed to get some green on his salmon in the way of peppers (see photo).

A toast to Patrick, long may he reign over celebrations like these!
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Jayne said...

Nothing green at O'Charley's??? What were they thinking?? ;c) Love the idea of the "beer tube" and the salmon looks really yummy.

:Jayne said...

That's just wrong, no green at O' Charleys. I'm glad you made a great evening of it anyway!


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