Monday, March 23, 2009

we're off!

We're off to Gatlinburg today for a two-day getaway to celebrate our anniversary, which is tomorrow. We first experienced the Buckhorn Inn last year when we booked our stay on the recommendation of some friends. It is an absolute treasure! Before we left we made reservations to return this year as well! The inn is so hospitable that we think we'll just tuck in there and enjoy the grounds for our visit this year (which include a labyrinth and a pond with resident swans). The food is fabulous so we don't even need to venture out to eat. Except maybe for lunch.

The timing of this celebration is ripe. Ken hasn't had a day off in three weeks, and I finally have a couple of books in which I'd like to immerse myself. Ah....

Happy Anniversary! Happy Spring!
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Kip said...

Happy Anniversary and hope you both have a great time!

karen said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!
Have a fabulous time of rest and relaxation!!!

Jayne said...

Happy, happy anniversary to the two of you! Have a very wonderful time away! XOXO

MumPastor said...

Happy Anniversary! Your trip sounds just wonderful!

Jules said...

Happy Anniversary to you both...and didn't I take that lovely pic of you in the lower right hand corner. Ah, memories of our visit to Cleveland! (that is Cleveland, isn't it?)lol


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