Monday, March 30, 2009

a very present help in time of need

I told you about the fabric. It filled the back of my car and occupied two plastic bags on the floor where passengers would place their feet. The week before we were scheduled to head to Gatlinburg Ken advised (in no uncertain terms) that perhaps the fabric might be relocated. In other words--get it out of the car.

I had determined that, much as there might be samples I would like to keep among the piles still resident in my car, it was time to part with the lot. The morning of our departure for our getaway I planned to do just that. But maybe before driving over to the senior center in town to drop them off I could take a quick pass at some of the more accessible samples to see if there were one or two that simply had to remain in my posession.

Rigel couldn't resist helping. With the back door open for access to the samples and space to sort through them, he wormed his way past me and insisted on inspecting the contents. I yielded. There are days when it's easier to turn his antics into photo opportunities than to battle his strength or his determination to be in the middle of whatever activity is taking place. So fetch the camera I did.

And yes, the fabric is now gone. I still have plenty to work with tucked back in the guest room. Now I simply have to determine what I will do with it.
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Jayne said...

I know I would have also been thinking that in the stacks I gave away, there might have been something really special I'd wished I'd have kept. :c) But, I am sure they will make good use of it no matter.

Anonymous said...

My PC is on the fritz so I cannot get to email. I read your post below and my heart goes to you. Keep praying and loving them. We received my stepson's news of his wedding with a save the date card. I know where you are at mentally.
God Bless - RobynS (Sav,GA)


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