Sunday, June 27, 2010

dirty hands to God

The folks you see here are truly beloved of God. No, really. I even offered them dispensation from coming to church today. They were OUTSIDE yesterday, doing yard work: planting, pruning and weeding, primarily. At 9:00 AM the thermostat was already at 90, and humid? Is it officially summer? For their dedication and sacrifice I told them they had glorified God in the highest.

We added some landscaping to our property recently, you see. And as anyone with a garden knows, maintenance is a necessity--the only downside of the beautification effort. Oddly enough the person who encouraged and coordinated the landscaping project is also the one who grumbles about maintenance! We are in the process of putting together a garden guild to tackle the maintenance issue, but that effort is in the formative stages, and not yet off the ground. We have two garden beds that include flowers, and foundation plantings along the most visible side of the church. In my view the maintenance issue is worth it--our property looks so much better, and loved!And yes, I weed, too!

And I just know that those who went home drenching wet yesterday will come to church this morning with smiles on their faces as they pull in the drive. There is such great satisfaction to be found in the garden. Ah....


Jayne said...

And when you see any garden spot that looks lovely, you KNOW how much work and love has gone into it! Kudos to those brave and dedicated souls!

Jan said...

What wonderful parishioners! I so admire gardeners. I don't like gardening in south TX, because it is so hot and humid. The lady who sits behind me in church told me that her back hurt today, because she spent yesterday weeding in her garden. That is fortitude!

The Bug said...

I have always wanted a garden, but I find I don't really enjoy the maintenance of it - Mike is doing everything mostly. All I do is clip the cilantro :)

So more power to all those dedicated souls who worked so hard yesterday!


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