Friday, June 25, 2010

friday five: summertime, summertime, sum-sumsummertime

At RevGals Songbird related that the start of her summer has been less than stellar. She invites us to share five things we love--or don't--about summer. The tone is up to us!

Full disclosure: heat and me, not so much. Humidity? Don't go there. All summer things in my life are filtered through the heat index. My following five, therefore, will disregard such things in responding to Songbird's invitation.

1) I love the garden! I'm particularly enamored with flowers, but I love eating out of our vegetable garden (not blog header photo--some of last year's abundance!). And if we're not growing it, someone else is! The local Farmer's Market is a wonderful summer pleasure.

2) The idea of relaxation, picnics, and cookouts. I say idea because I imagine those things will fill our calendar, but they never do to the extent that I would like. Hope is a wonderful thing.
3) Outdoor entertainment. Oh, to be in New England! I loved being able to go to Tanglewood (summer home of the Boston Symphony in the Berkshire Mountains of western Massachusetts), whether for symphonies or a James Taylor concert. When I lived in St. Louis I enjoyed an abundance of outdoor musical programs. Here in my wee city the Nashville Symphony does an annual concert on the lawn at our local university which is top notch (and free!). Given that this is Music City you'd think there'd be a lot more of this kind of thing here, but there really isn't.
A typical evening at Tanglewood

4) Shorts and t-shirts.

5) Events: county fairs, craft fairs, pioneer days, yard sales, you get the picture.


Mompriest said...

So many fun FUN things to do in the summer. I love outdoor concerts and grilling...

Althea N. Agape said...

I miss the Muny! we had season's tickets for the 4 years we lived there!

LutheranChik said...

I love the photo of the candlelight picnic! We'll have to try that sometime.

Jan said...

What fun! I realized that you miss New England just like I miss WA State. BUT you're closer than I am!

Songbird said...

I'm interviewing not too awfully far from Tanglewood next month, and it is a definite inducement!

Robin said...

Love the canoeing photo.

Jayne said...

All really wonderful things about summer!


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