Tuesday, June 22, 2010

in need of a name

I'm stealing a moment of internet connectivity to post this query. I've been thinking about reviving the meditations I used to write every week based on the Daily Office. It's been four or five years since I wrote those, and in those days I sent them out via email. I would do them in a blog format now. My challenge is to come up with a name for the blog.

The email address I used when I sent the meditations was WayWordMinistries. "Way" for "The Way," a term used by the Jerusalem church led by James after the death of Jesus; "Word" for, well, The Word. Through Blogger "WayWord" is not available as a blog title. I thought of "A Way with the Word," which seemed catchy, but then it struck me that it sounded a bit arrogant. I want no part of arrogance.

So. Thoughts? I don't need to stay connected to "WayWord." To do so would be a matter of convenience and continuity. Songbird already has the best title for such an endeavor (Reflectionary), so I need to think along other lines. The little gray cells aren't churning out much in the way of ideas, so I am looking to you, my faithful followers and creative persons to offer suggestions. Anything. I need a place from which to launch, if not latch.

I await your genius.


Jayne said...

Will put my thinking cap on!

The Bug said...

I'm terrible at this. Words along the Way? WayWord Priest?

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