Tuesday, June 22, 2010

foiled again

We are having trouble with our phone and internet service. For the last two to three weeks the service is interrupted for no apparent reason. Internet signal is lost. There is no dial tone. The phone rings and we answer and we can hear nothing from the other side. Callers are sent directly to the rollover feature of vociemail that is part of the phone service. We are beyond frustrated. Don't ask why we have tolerated this for so long. Sore subject.

This morning I had a post ready to publish. It was one of those gut posts. Poured it out. Admitted to complicity and shared frustration. It's gone. Lost to the gods of internet and phone service whimsy. I won't try to rewrite it. Not today.

We are scheduled for service repair tomorrow. Until we're back in cyberbusiness, please consider this my inadequate greeting. And comfort that child above who clearly needs a hug.


Jayne said...

(((((Anne))))) I SO feel your frustration as we were having some of the same issues weeks ago. I kept calling the phone company and they'd come out to try this and that to no avail. FINALLY, someone thought to check ONE MORE thing in the junction box and (DUH) found our issue which was causing horrid static on our line and spotty internet connections. I do hope they get it all fixed for you soon. Consider yourself duly hugged warmly. XOXO

The Bug said...

I'm so sorry you lost your post! It's one of the reasons I always write mine in Word - because blogger has these glitches where you hit publish & get a blank screen.

I hope you get some resolution soon. I do LOVE the picture of the little girl!

Mary Beth said...

1) I LOVE this picture.

2) I HATE that you lost your post. Oh, I hate it! :( I want to read it!

3) I loved your series on the icon writing and have been reviewing it...I am still very dubious. I have always wanted to do an icon class, but every day, nights and weekends, for 2 weeks...wow. Hmm, maybe I should pray about it?! :)


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