Thursday, June 24, 2010

thankful thursday

No more troubles to add to the roster--in fact, there's some good news!

A friend who is able to extend some generosity is making it possible for us to rejoin our local Family Life Center. Yay!!! This means I can swim again, work with weights (a very painful, probably arthritic knee could use some strengthening, not to mention portions of my being), walk the track and treadmills, and maybe, FINALLY, take a thai chi class.  Thank you, thank you dear friend! This falls into the category of what my friend Kip calls a big biscuit day!

Other biscuits:
  • I have a new photo card. Yay!! 
  • So far it appears that our phone and internet service are fully functional again.
  • My friend Yolande is home safe after a trip to Greece.
  • It looks like Ken's computer may be suffering from a virus, not a lightning strike. This can be handled! We've got someone on board who can resolve this mess. 
  • Camping in Germany might be fun! It would bring the prospect of that trip a whole lot closer to reality.
  • Incentives are good ways to inspire me to work my PC business. Think grandsons in Texas. Think family in Connecticut. Think Germany. Think covering and screening in the deck. Yes, that's the ticket!
  • I think I will have the day to myself today and tomorrow. (someone tell me how to insert a smiley face here)
  • I've got a potential name for the new blog: Word in progress. Weigh in on that, if you don't mind.
I've got local honey for my biscuits. Care to join me?


Mompriest said...

I like "Word in Progress". I love local honey - good for allergies, too (natural histamines in it that cause our bodies to produce natural anithistamines - or something like that)....and love that you get to work out again.

The Bug said...

Excellent list of biscuits! And those biscuits in that picture look pretty fabulous too. I would LOVE one with some honey :)

Word in Progress is a great name for the new blog.

Jan said...

"Word in Progress" is a very good name for your new blog. Inspired!

I love the biscuit list!

Jayne said...

Yea!!!! For the Family Life Center membership AND for the resolution of so many of those thorns! :c)


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