Sunday, June 13, 2010

a week of writing

This week I'll be spending my days at our diocesan cathedral in Nashville. Why? I hear you ask... I'll be participating in the icon-writing workshop there, serving as chaplain and writing this icon of the Sinai Christ Pantocrator. The experience of writing The Virgin of the Passion last year so transformed my relationship with Mary that I wonder what might be in store for me as this figure of Christ emerges from the dark-to-light layers of paint that I will apply. The colors in this icon are less rich than those used to write Mary, but I suspect other treasures are contained within. One thing I can tell you though. I know that this will be a holy endeavor, but I keep getting distracted by the wonky asymmetry of Jesus' eyes. Am I allowed to take a little creative license as I write this? I don't need to make him perfect, I just don't want the distraction!

As I did last year, I'll have my camera to document the start-to-finish process and record, as well, the work of other classmates as our Christ Pantocrators come into being. I'm looking forward to the week. Some spiritual groundwork is already laid for interesting things to happen.

Check back later to see how the work is progressing!
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The Bug said...

I don't think I have any idea even what icon writing IS. It sounds like you're copying it - drawing it - not writing. So I'll be fascinated to hear about the process!

Jan said...

How wonderful. I love this icon of the Pantocrator, isn't that its title? The odd eye always sees through me.

Anonymous said...

I'm more like Jesus than I THOUGHT I was! *g* If you look at my pic, especially like the close up on my blog, you'll see that I have a wonky eye.

I can't wait to hear and see what you share, Anne. And I'm so very jealous! Jealous, but happy for you. :))))

Jules said...

Can't wait to see your work and read your reflections.

Mary Beth said...

I am so grateful you are posting this now. I'm signed up for an icon workshop in August, taught by our rector, and frankly...looking at the schedule over 2 full weeks (!) I've not felt sure I can do it (no matter that I've always wanted to do an icon workshop...)

Now I am inspired!

Teopile (Randall) Porter said...

I'm an Orthodox Christian, and just wanted to say a bit about the icon. It's one of the most beloved icons in Orthodoxy. Take a piece of paper and cover up half of the icon, to look only at Christ's left and right sides separately and it'll help with understanding the theological purpose. It's not only the eye that's "wonky;" none of it's symmetrical. The right is Christ as Just Lawgiver and Judge; the left is Him as All-Merciful Savior. (Note the eyes, shoulders, angles in the clothes and beard, and most obviously, that in his left arm is the Law of God, and the right is bestowing the blessing.)

You probably already knew all that, but I just figured I'd mention it for anyone who view this that might not.

In Christ,
Theophilos Porter


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