Wednesday, June 09, 2010

mid-week miscellaney

I've been scarce the last several days because I think I'm just worn out! I had a re-launch party for my Pampered Chef business Saturday, which meant cleaning the house, preparing customer items and food prep leading up to it. Sunday was our annual progressive dinner at church (fun, but it consumes the day!). Tackling the mess that WAS my office (do you hear the past tense there? Hee hee!), and with space on my desk at last, I finally got the orchid cards done and in the mail to giveaway and bonus winners Karen and Nancy. I think the office and cards accomplishments were because I channeled my late friend Kathy, among whose mantras was "get the job done." (Thanks, Katrina!) Then again, I AM trying to change some habits, so it was all good. The busyness has been a plus, it's just left me with nothing much of substance running through my mind about which to write.

I've assembled a collage of pictures (above--click to enlarge for a better view) from Sunday's dinner that will be used to create thank you cards for the hosts. I did this last year and it was very well received by those who made that extra effort. One host kept the card on her refrigerator for the better part of the year, so I take my cue from that.

This morning I've got bible study. This afternoon Ken and I will make a pastoral visit downtown to the son of parishioners. He's been struggling with leukemia for years and is hospitalized with complications. Tomorrow--ahhhh--a massage! I've also got to do a closet and other places purge in anticipation of a yard sale at church in another week.

Next week I'll be down at the cathedral serving as chaplain for an icon writing workshop. This is the same instructor as we had last year, and I am so excited to be able to participate in this class again! I'm not sure yet which icon we'll be writing, but I'll find out soon!

So that's a brief recap of things happening here. Nothing profound. Nothing thought-provoking. Just stuff. How's your stuff?
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Pam in Moncton said...

Anne, it has been too long since I somehow got to reading your blog. I don't know why. I think I get distracted before I get to it somehow. Anyway I was reading through and just played the video from the Eaton Centre. I was just there the other day so can picture it so clearly and the whole thing was pretty amazing! Very beautiful. I know you will enjoy and be inspired by the icon writing so I am glad you have a chance to participate in that again.

Jan said...

You are whizzing! Busy, busy, busy.

I like the collage and think that's a wonderful way to thank people. You are so talented to be making cards; I just sometimes think about doing so. You follow through!

There's an ordination at our church tonight for someone who entered seminary from it. Joy and fun ahead!

The Bug said...

Well I'm tired now! Hope your PC relaunch is successful - I got some of the items I ordered yesterday (the knife is backordered). I was pretty excited to see a box on my stoop!

Mompriest said...

Nice busy...all good stuff! Yay for you.


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