Saturday, June 19, 2010


Here he is, the finished product. I know he looks a lot like the most recent version you saw, but there are some subtle differences.

It was tough to shift gears this morning, not to return to the community I enjoyed this past week where we prayed this icon into 14 different versions of itself--all the same, all different. It is a remarkable experience, one that many of us find hards to describe adequately with words. It is holy, graced by God, guided by the Spirit, inspired by Christ.

We have already set the date for the next workshop: February 14-18, 2011. Anyone want to come? I can offer accommodation. The cost of the class is $495 if you want to start tucking money away. No artistic talent is necessary. It is helpful if you know how to color within the lines (even if you typically don't).

Today real life insinuated itself in the form of a church yard sale. This was a repeat of the event we did last year, but we have already concluded that annual yard sales will diminish the return as time passes and we have all already scoured our households for goods to purge.

Instead of a yard sale we are thinking of hosting a craft fair/festival. We are in a great location, have plenty of space for vendors (not so sure about parking!), and the bulk of our work would be in getting the word out. There are no craft fairs in this community. There is a large Oktoberfest in the fall, sponsored by a local bank, but it is open to everything and everyone: some crafts, some businesses, churchers and organizations, and so on. We would want this to be strictly a craft fair, and we would really like for it to be juried. Ideas are already exploding in my head (fortunately the explosions have not done damage to my head), and I know that more will come. It's kind of exciting!

And on that note I think I'll settle in with a cold glass of water and enjoy the dry indoor climate for the rests of the day. Cheers!
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The Bug said...

Your icon is lovely! You did a great job on him. Here you are spending the week in reverance with Jesus & I'm spending the week in "huh?" about a giant Jesus statue. Strange world, for sure.

I think a craft fair would be great!

Jayne said...

He is lovely and a great companion to the icon you did last year. Trying to get caught up today, and will call soon to fill you in on the journey. XOXO

Anonymous said...

the icon is stunning, Anne, stunning. I haven't closed the tab with the image in your blog yet and it's been days. It's so...well, it just captures me.


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