Sunday, June 13, 2010

hazy, hot, humid hospitality

We hosted our diocesan clergy and family picnic yesterday. Brutal day, heat-wise. High 90's with the heat index and humidity. BUT we have a lovely pavilion that includes ceiling fans, so in the shade and seated at picnic tables with buckets of water for reinforcement, we survived. Efforts to set up croquet, volleyball and a cornhole toss were almost for naught. The corn hole toss did get used twice, but more as a test of one's aim than anything else.

Still. It was a nice time. We had an abundance of food, as usual, so today's coffee hour will be overflowing with the likes of  leftover coleslaw, baked beans, potato salad and watermelon. Too bad so many people are away this weekend, there will be LOTS to send home with folks. And, EVERY ONE ON OUR ALTAR GUILD is out of town, so yours truly needs to get to church a wee bit early to take care of that.

A few photos from yesterday. We were so wiped out by the time we got home that we did nothing but vegetate the rest of the day/evening. I long for New England summers on such days! Hope your own weekend contains refreshment!


Jan said...

Looks like fun! And I bet it's more humid here. . . which doesn't help you much (or any).

The Bug said...

Boy the midwest is plenty humid too - every time we stepped outside yesterday we went "guh!"

Glad you had fun!

Amy said...

That buffet makes me hungry! It sounds like everyone had a good time - have a good week!


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