Thursday, June 10, 2010

thankful thursday

I am really blessed by the women who comprise "the bs girls." Two of them, C and E, are gifted with the art of healing. Both of them make jewelry using gemstones, which I learned recently having healing power.

Yesterday E presented me with the necklace shown here. It is beautiful, but most touching is that E made it specifically for me, guided by her intuitive spirit in the selection of the stones, and affirmed by the deeper intuition of C. E made a list for me of the gems as they are assembled in the necklace. Last night I spent some time reviewing the healing properties of each, fingering the necklace around my neck or in my hands as I did so.

The act of love represented in this necklace touches me deeply, as do the stones that circle my neck. To touch the large pendant of jasper is to touch hope, and feel encircled by the power of love. These gems can, and will, I believe, heal those tender places within where emotions have been damaged, trust betrayed, voice sought, union desired and creativity longs for release.

On a low shelf that runs just above my desk a 5" cross sits with the words "imagine the possibilities" etched across the horizontal beam. Imagine them, indeed.
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Rebecca Ramsey said...

How beautiful!
And how loved you must feel, knowing that this was created just for you.

karen said...

Anne...that is just beautiful!!! How perfect it was made specifically for you!!!

The Bug said...

Gorgeous necklace! And that's just by itself without all that excellent meaning behind it.

Jan said...

Anne, what a lovely gift from a special friend! The necklace is beautiful, but even more, it is meaningful in its love for you.

Jayne said...

Just getting caught up after being gone for a week...whew.

What a very beautiful and touching gift. You are indeed blessed to have these wise women in your life. XOXO

Bishop Laura said...

How wonderful!


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