Wednesday, June 23, 2010

proceed at your own risk

Kvetching ahead...

This morning I was going to rewrite my lost blog entry, but it appears that I used the energy behind the matter when I wrote it yesterday. It's just not coming together for me this morning at all. I guess this is a good thing (this is evidence of moving on), but there was a portion of it where feedback would have been helpful. Oh well.

Did I mention previously that I've lost all the church files on my computer? All my business files, too (from when I had a business). A result of deleting files in Picasa, of all things. Documents with the same title as photo folders went "poof!" I am not happy about this, for all sorts of reasons. But there IS a silver lining of sorts. I need to start the church newsletter from scratch, for instance, and I have just discovered that I have Microsoft publisher software. Picture a big grin. I enjoy this kind of thing, you see. Writing, layout, graphics, the whole bit. Maybe it's because there's newspaper business in my gene pool, but whatever the reason, I run with it.

There's also this thing called a learning curve. Yowza! I don't want to use any of the default font combinations, for instance, so I'm constantly overwriting those. And then the program restores the defaults and I have to go back and overwrite again. I'll figure out how to establish my own defaults somewhere along the way, but for now, I've got a newsletter to get out. Anyway, that's fun stuff.

Then my camera card went south. You know that saying about rain--we're in flood stages here. The coffee maker is leaking (this is serious!), the lawn mower is on the blink, the IRS hit us with fees and penalties for last year's taxes that we still owe, Ken's computer took a hit during the storm that cut short the life of local Bradford Pears, and the computer appears to be unrestorable (and nothing is backed up), our steam-vac hose is being held together with duct tape, and I'm trying to figure out how to be perceived as less snarky by some who think that's my usual nature (ouch). It's not, for the record. That was yesterday's post, and maybe I'll come back to it when the matter rears its head again, which it will.
Yesterday the latest issue of the army retiree newsletter came, announcing specials at a resort in Germany. Yeah, right. This is a military guest house, just so you know. I went to the web site for the Edelweiss Lodge and Resort and got hooked. Not on the lodge, but on the scenery. And all the places there are to see nearby: Mad Ludwig's Castle, Hitler's Eagle's Nest; Dachau (not so much a want to see but a need to see), pristine lakes, ancient towns, the Alps...   Flying space-available on army aircraft and camping out might be doable. Maybe. How many Pampered Chef shows do I need to have to accumulate these kind of funds? Yeah, right.

I apologize for complaining. I don't like complaining about stuff in my life. Some days I just need to get it out so that I can get to the stuff that matters and gives life instead of drains life. You know?  If you've read this far, thank you for bearing with me. That feels like a hug.

Okay. Putting on my bright and shiny attitude now. Today appears to hold some promise, so I'm planning to ride that wave. Come on, jump on board. Kowabunga! And thanks for listening.


The Bug said...

Wow - you have had a LOT of things go wrong lately! Sheesh! I think diving into the newsletter project will be a good diversion.

As a life-long member of the snark club (it's a perennial issue on my annual reviews at work) I can safely say that you are NOT a snarky person! I should know!

Mompriest said...

oh too! Really, if one more thing fails, goes wrong, or gets sorry you have to live this way too. You know you can retrieve documents from the "trash" file if they ended up there....not sure how to do it but my husband recently found ALL of our photos in the trash - again not sure how they got there in the first place - but he did retrieve them...(not that I want to stop you from creating anew...)


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